Welcome to the New and Redesigned ReLife Website!

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The all new ReLife website has been redesigned with full accessibility and better ease of navigation topics. ReLife school is a program service under the Puget Sound and Educational Service District. PSESD is dedicated to improving the quality, equity, and efficiency of educational programs through partnerships with K-12 education, early learning, higher education, and public and private organizations. 

One big action the PSESD has taken is a complete revamp of all the program services' website to make them fully accessible. PSESD has also partnered up with AudioEye to provide comprehensive set of tools that enables digital content providers to create interfaces that are more accessible, and more consumable, for more people. You may access these features by clicking on the widget on the right side of your window. Learn more at AudioEye.com

The new ReLife website also includes new features and pages such as:

  • A more dynamic and responsive view through desktop and mobile.
  • Full accessibility set of tools to use provided by AudioEye once the website has been converted to Phase 3.
  • Fluid navigation settings.
  • An all new Calendar page.
  • An all new Staff Directory page.
  • An all new Classroom and Therapy Corner pages. ReLife staff members are now able to directly log in to post and provide resources for their individual pages.
  • An all new News page.
  • An all new Emergency Alerts page.
  • An all new Events and Gallery page.
  • And more accessible forms/resources available to students, staff, family/caregivers, and community members.

We hope you enjoy the ReLife website. If you had trouble with any part of it, please get in touch. We'd like to hear from you in any of the following ways: