Staff Directory


Dr. R. Reid, Principal
Ms. Jennings, Assistant Principal
Ms. Broom, Dean of Students
Ms. Terry, Mental Health Therapist
Ms. Clement, Program Coordinator
Mr. Ambaye
Food Services and Delivery
Mr. Alexander
Custodial Maintenance Technician
Mr. Brown
Executive Leadership, PSESD


Certificated Teachers
Ms. Broughton, High School
Mr. Chapel, Middle School
Ms. Cox, Elementary School
Mr. Espinoza, Middle School
Mr. Huyghue, High School
Mr. Mills, Middles School
Ms. Stewart, High School
Behavior Education Support Specialists (BESS)Mr. Adams
Ms. Baena
Ms. Caskey
Mr. Click
Mt. Dickson
Mr. Goetling
Ms. Hall
Mr. Hargrove
Ms. Helme
Ms. Huey
Mr. Kendziora
Ms. Miller
Mr. Nelson
Ms. Pike
Mr. Rico
Mrs. Rico
Mr. Schilt
Ms. Syron
Ms. Taula
Mr. Webb
Ms. Wilson