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Ms. Terry's Therapy Corner

Welcome Ms. Terry's Therapy Corner.

Here you will find helpful counseling reading and resources to support student engagement and social-behavior growth.

Welcome back to school!

As we begin another school year, I'd like to introduce/reintroduce myself to ReLife students and families.  My name is Jillane Terry, and I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, which means that I am trained to work with individuals, groups, AND families.  It also means that I recognize the complexities of the problems our students face and that the entire family affects and is affected by the emotional and behavioral needs of ReLife students.  I seek to understand how social inequities impact families and how we can support positive change.  I begin by identifying needs and strengths and then set goals with students.  I appreciate the involvement of families in treatment and information guardians can provide to shed light on problems our students are facing.  

For some families, summer is a time to relax and spend quality time together.  For other families, summer means tackling challenges like childcare, less structure, more conflicts between family members, changing living situations, and difficulties many of us forget to acknowledge.  When students are reluctant to return to school, and parents are anxious to get them there, the stress can be overwhelming.  Let us know how we can support you.  

ReLife students cannot make behavioral or academic progress at school if they are not present.  That daily structure and repetition allows them to work through problems, get individualized instruction, and build on learning.  As they experience success with a skillful and caring staff, they will begin to accept and even enjoy attending ReLife.  

Let's make it a great school year!

Ms. Terry